Tuesday, February 3

Film Showing: Mission Accomplish

Finally! Film showing's done and everything's alright now. February 2, 2009. It was our red carpet premiere. It's really nice; although I accidentaly forgot our group's copy of the films "Grados" and "Vicente Cruz St." Thank God! Professor Zaldy San Pedro agreed to lend us his personal copy of our film to be shown. It was so hard to make him agree. But we know, he's a kindhearted person, so alas! We already thought we would not be able to present the fruits of our blood and sweat, but then, we were able to show the whole class how good we were. We really thank everyone who watched the films. The other group's movies were also great. Mel was a good ghost. She terrified almost everyone in the class. 
Our group was really glad, we made it at last. We're proud of what we have made and we would really love to shoot another extraordinary film again! Uh oh! I forgot. We should prepare for the next activity... Being mime artists for the next couple of days. 
Spermatics yeah!



iii.iRisH.dOp.iii said...

ugh.. saya ee.. pucha the fruit of our blood and sweat.. :)) astig men.. the best spermatics. ugh ugh!!!

keb said...

d best =)

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