Thursday, February 5

Deadly. Pls..

Ahg! Seems like the weight of the world is on our hands! Right now, we have these fuc**** tasks to do:

For Computer Programming:
1. 25 unique problems with a solution (program definition, data requirements, flow chart and source code)
1.a. 5 simple problems
1.b. 5 if-else problems
1.c. 10 problems involving iteration 
And what hurts most: it's a race against the other team! Ugh!
2. Answer Chapter 4, all exercises... That's quite easy.. (*sighs)
3. The Income Tax Return problem... (c'mon Limbog)

For IT Presentation:

1. Become a mime artist.... Pls..
2. Become a fashion model.. Pls...
3. Memorize: Land of Bondage, Land of the Free... By: Raul Manglapus...

For Rizal:
1. A role play about El Fili or Noli....

Additional for Leya and Charm:
1. Become a cheerleader. Pls.
I'm gonna die... Pls.

ksm =(


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