Wednesday, May 27


What is Kebism?

Kebism is a personal web blog hosted by Google's free blog publishing tool Blogger. It provides news and current information about movies, music, entertainment, technology and blogging: all in one blog, together with the owner's personal thoughts and opinions regarding the topics. "Kebism!," the blog's first post was published on the web on January 24, 2009.

Who is Kevin Michael C. Garcia?

Kevin or simply "Keb" is the owner of the personal blog "Kebism." An 19 year old BS Computer Science student from the City of Makati, Philippines. He began writing his personal blog since 15. He loves to embrace the web, eat with the web, and sleep with the web. He is passionate in music and movies, and a certified avid fan of Simon Pegg of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He enjoys finding stuffs on the web, sharing knowledge to anyone who seeks help and expressing his own thoughts thru blogging. Feel free to contact Keb here.

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