Tuesday, February 10


Drunkenness = the state of being intoxicated by consumption of alcoholic beverages to a degree that mental and physical faculties are noticeably impaired and tilted. Common symptoms are:

1. slurred speech
2. impaired balance
3. poor coordination
4. flushed face
5. redness of the eyes
 and sometimes:
6. verbal expression of unwanted thoughts
7. giving away lots of money (as much as P200)
8. pouring a cup coffee and being unaware of it's hotness
9. crossing the street, unafraid of being bumped

Possible effects may be:
1. temporary experience of wide range emotions:
2 anger, 
3. sadness,
4. depression to euphoria
5. lightheartedness
6. sexual disinhibition
and sometimes:
7. if she's a woman, boyfriend may cut his classes
7a. her boyfriend's friend may also cut classes
8. if he's a boy, he'll probably think not to drink again
9. he might be afraid of evidences of him being "drunk" for the very first time
10. he might also tell himself he's now a better  man than before... =)

This article is dedicated to... Ugh! You know who you are guys! Anyways, thanks to wikipedia!

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