Saturday, January 31

I Miss Miming

I just saw my old pics and found out my old photo with "Miming," my long lost cat. He/she once became my pet from our former apartment, two years ago. I just saw him wandering on the basement when I tried to say "swswswswsw." Then she came right next to me, I tried to hold him then he closed her eyes and then that's it! She's tamed. He said "nyyaaw" then I knew what she wanna say. He's definitely hungry. I tried to get some food for her. Then it became a daily routine. Every night, when I came home from school, he's already waiting at the gate, she'll follow me up to the second floor, until I go inside our house. I'll close the door, he'll wait for me (mom hates him!). She knew it! Snack time! He eats everything: chicken, rice, banana, fish, pork, and even chicken bones. She's very playful, he loves to play around my feet and when I run, she follows me everywhere I go. We had the best days of our lives.
Unfortunately, he's gone. I don't know why. I think the landlady doesn't want any living animal inside the apartment premises so she asked the caretaker to bring cats far far away... I miss her so much. I want to spend more time with him. But now, I realize my pet was really gone. I can't rescue her from nowhere. I don't even know if he's already starving to death and needs someone's attention so she could play a lot. I really miss my cat. For once in my life, I realized how sad to lose someone else. It's hard to let go. I wish he's safe and happy. And I love this pic too.

Note: I don't know Miming's gender anyway...



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