Saturday, January 31


It's a short film shot in our house at Makati, with the special aid from mamita (thx mamita!). Approximately, the shooting time was only an hour. We had the deadliest and most extravagant time pressure of our lives. Angelo directed the film, and by the time they were making their shots, I was editing our first movie, "Vicente Cruz St." We decided to put the video into black and white format, so we could showcase a classical drama effect for the said film. We enjoyed filming this, although we were not given the best time to take, we're proud that we have already produced a quality film (as for myself). Our neighbors were sneaking the shooting event, and they observed what my groupmates were doing. They also thought that we were having a real fight, which was included for the filming purposes. 
The story was about two brothers, namely, David Garcia and Deybid Garcia. David got a grade of A+, while Deybid got F- in school. They showed their grades to their father after coming home, and as what they have expected, their father blamed Deybid about his grades. He was punished and treated as if he was a bastard. Then a day after, while David was walking on the street, a gangster played a trick on him. He was helpless when suddenly, his brother, Deybid saw what was happening. So he helped his brother, but unfortunately, he did not defeat the bad guy. So they went home, father realized how he really love his sons. They rekindled their relationships and found the real meaning of being a family, despite of not having their mother.



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