Friday, June 5

H1N1 in Philippine Schools: Who Cares?

Second H1N1 case on Philippine schools is confirmed from De La Salle University, Taft, Manila. Total number of cases in the PH: 29. Well it's really growing. I wonder what will happen, when all universities start their classes for the first semester. Well, our classes will start on 9th of June,  in Intramuros Manila (because we don't have the schedule for Monday). 
I am pretty excited to go to school this coming week. But the said outbreak decreases my full interest and turns my energetic mind into low level terror and chaos. I also wonder why most cases of H1N1 occur in private areas, where upper class individuals basically come. 
Well I tried to figure it out, and that seems to be the air-conditioning system of mostly private areas we know. And as what I have discovered, classrooms located in La Salle University, were mostly, air-conditioned. Therefore, the rooms are fully closed, preventing proper airflow throughout the area, and same air inhaled by the individuals inside the room.
So how about rooms which are open and not air-conditioned? This would allow air to flow continuously, and it does not trap the bad air inside the room. Well thanks, because most of the rooms in our city university are not air-conditioned, and there would be less chance for the virus to spread. But of course, it doesn't really assure us that we are safe against the outbreak. Well, no one has the exemption to receive the virus. Even those who were given vaccines are not yet safe, because those are vaccinations to protect humans against the seasonal H3N2 flu, but not the H1N1, which is currently circulating right now.
As we were all informed, H1N1 is transmitted to humans just like how the seasonal flu spreads -- by touching something contaminated with the flu virus and touching someone's mouth or nose, and through coughing and sneezing or the spread of saliva droplets. That is why, the use of flu masks is now in demand to prevent the spread of the said virus. 
But I'm afraid H1N1 should not stop our full motivation to go to school. My friends are really excited to learn more lessons and we really can't wait for Tuesday. So, time to get your own flu mask and isopropyl alcohol! No one can stop us!

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Anonymous said...

isa lng msasabi ko...matakot ka :P

keb said...

Woot I'M Scared.

keb said...

I know you! You're PETE.

Anonymous said...

Waah! gusto q na rin pumasok!

mark said...

ayos yan, walang pasok puro bakasyon!


What an outbreak... scary!

pero cute mga porky sa pic... :)

keb said...

Ahaha, porky.. Thanks!

sweetham said...

H1N1 is just like the other flu strains. Ang nakakatakot lang, flu season kasi ngayon so mejo nakakaparanoid lang. Let's just be careful and we should pray na hindi na lumala pa.

Tc! God bless

keb said...

Yep, let's just take care of ourselves. Hope you guys take care too! =)

trishytrish said...

Aw. Excited na rin ako pumasok pero sadly, napostpone yung opening ng classes nmin sa UPManila. Instead of having it on June 8, it was postponed to June 15.

keb said...

Whoa! How I wish PLM would not do that. I'm excited to go to school on June 9th. OMG. PLS!

cagayan de oro schools said...

No need to worry anymore. our country has already have a vaccine against AH1N1.

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