Saturday, June 6

CHED: Classes in College and Universities Postponed on June 15

Hate this! CHED officially announced this Saturday: classes in colleges and universities postponed! Opening will be on June 15. Damn! As what I have thought, it's because of the A(H1N1) threat. So you think rescheduling of the classes may stop the outbreak huh? Well, if they don't really want Swine to spread with students, then they should postpone classes forever and let us study by ourselves on a quarantined bio-hazard room! As if 1-week allowance would allow them to completely destroy the virus! And second reason: the inclement weather in the past days? Duh! It's better to get wet outside rather than be dry inside a cold room full of rain droplets!

Info from GMA News.

ksm !

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guess who..^^ said...


i lurve it!!

postponing the start of classes pisses me off..

wazzup? said...

what's the verdict?

is june 15 final??

zkret0 said...


disapp0inted hir..


keb said...

Seems like you are the same person!

Gi-Ann said...

is this really true? I mean I am searchin' it now. I have heard the news just dunno if it affects our school ..hehe

:) thanks anyway for this info..

keb said...

Yep. All universities and colleges. Saw it again, on TV Patrol. And it hurts.. =(


Tsk-tsk CHED.

I missed schooling! :)

keb said...


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