Saturday, June 6

Happy 25th Anniversary Tetris!

Created on June 6, 1984, tetris has become available for nearly every video game console. Devices such as calculators, mobile phones, portable players and PDA's have their own tetris game. It was originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov.

Mostly, it was played during the "game boy generation." The game got it's number two spot for the 100 Greatest Games of All Time by the Electronic Gaming Monthly. Super Mario got the first spot.

Well, this game is quite addicting. Even if it only features undying random sequences of tetromenoes (the bricks which flow from the top of the tetris screen), it perseveres any player to score high and aim for the top spot of the game. Well as I have played the game, I always get envy on those who are on the high scores after having a game over. I don't even know someone who does not know how to play this very simple game. From the day I was born, until now, gaming consoles really consider including this game on their list. That is why up to now, techies are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the game.

I also wondered the best tetris player in the world. Is he/she able to play the game forever, without having a game over? Well as I have researched the web, I found out that it is not possible to play tetris forever, without having a game over. The reason has to do with the Z and the T-shaped bricks. A thesis by John Brzustowski in 1988 concluded: "Suppose that player then receives a large sequence of Z tetrominoes. Eventually, that player will be forced to leave a hole on the opposite corner without clearing the previous hole. Thus, if a game with an ideal, uniform, uncorrelated, random number generator is played long enough, any player will top out."

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Gi-Ann said...

Yay! Thanks for this info.. I love that game.Hooked pa ko sa mga colors nyeto..ahh napadpad nga naman ako dito :)

Ginger said...

hey wow you post every day admirable sorry about trashing twilight I had to, aww tetris the game of my childhood, I use to have a game boy with this game and Mario Bross

keb said...

Yep, love it really. But I guess I'll vote for Mario for top1 spot. Hehe, it's really addicting, until now, Mario's one of my beloved cartoon characters.. Hehe

keb said...

Ginger, if you are reading this now, can you please fix your comments section. I also want to give comments on your posts, I really love reading your bold commentations and opinions regarding everything, so when everything's OK inform me. I can't submit a comment. Hehe, nice anti-twilight post! =)


Nasan na kaya yung atari ko?

ito yung laro dun eh... hahaha

keb said...

Ahaha, cool! Atari..

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