Thursday, June 4

Ako Mismo!

Have you seen the commercial ad "AkoMismo" which is currently airing on Philippine TV stations within these days? Well now, it's online. You can visit the site here and you can submit your own "Ako Mismo" pledge. Well there's nothing special there. It's just fun to write your own pledge on what you can offer for the country. There are thousands of pledges and I really hope those promises may be done right. Well, as you can see, I did not pledged anything that might be broken, so I simply said "Ako mismo ang magsusulat ng magagawa ko dito sa"
I really hate promises. FYI.

ksm >.<

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zkret0 said...


it's nice that you didn'nt promise anythin'..
but do the best y0u can for your beloved country..

go0dluck dude..^^

krizh.. said...

auz aa..

nkktwa ung pledge mu..
ikaw n ikaw..

anu2 kea ung mga maiooffer mu s kay inang bayan??

keb said...

Thanks! Cool!


Yesss! IKAW MISMO!! :)

keb said...

Ahaha, ayos sa comment ah.. Yep!

Add Topic said...

I myself wrote my pledge here. Well atleast you offered to help kahit verbally lang. Malay mo may tumupad sa mga yun..

Btw, I added your link on PINOY LINK EXCHANGE and not on LINK EXCHANGE portion.


Add Topic™

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anthony james said...

Cool! Im gonna visit the

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I had goosebumps when I saw the commercial. It's really cool. And yeah, I signed up and bought a dogtag as well. Woo!

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