Tuesday, June 9

Forget Me. Forget Me Not. I'm Still 19.

How does it feel to be forgotten? When it's your special day. When its one of the most special days that you have been waiting for. Sometimes it feels a little bullshit. Honestly! Somebody asked me what do the confetti and party hat symbolize from my new blog logo. Ahaha! Isn't it obvious? I guess its NEW YEAR! Damn.
Well first of all, I should really thank the ones who truly remember. I guess they really have a 150+ IQ for obtaining a good memory. So there we go.

First on my list is Jigz. An advanced greeting on May 31st. Well he's a bit excited. Thanks to the reminder power of Friendster.

Then, Pete! He remembered once when we were chatting.

Well how about Zyrus Ronn S. Bernasor? He never forgets my day. Coz I never forget his'. (lol). Zai, thanks for always being there for me. It's been more than 7 years eh! Hope we still keep in touch forever! My best friend!

Next on the list: I met this girl just because of blogging. She's from Vietnam. My dear friend who made me listen to a Vietnamese Birthday Song. Really cool! Thanks for the e-card! Its really cute! Really thanks! Thuy_nhoc!

Then, my classmate, Kirstin Pearl Delvo. She dropped a comment on my Friendster profile, and also sent me an SMS on Jun8, 11:56 PM. Hehe. Thanks Purl!

How about my beloved, one and only, the most wonderful girl I've met. Rea Carla Javier. Really thanks for spending your time with me! Ber, we almost spent 5 hours with my day and I can't help but to ask for an extension, but she really needs to go home at 6. So there we go. By the way, Red Ribbon's Chocolate Caramel Roll tastes really good! Thank you so much! I love you!

Now, my friend. Would I call her my friend? Yappy! Thanks to Krisha Anne Valderama. I guess I found a real damn friend. And I'm proud of it. Hope we could be friends 'til end! Nothing changes! and really thanks for being there, always! Kawago ka talaga!

And Cat! Yeah! Cat! Hardcore! Thanks for rememb'ring my day! Really! Jellyace? Haha! :0

How about my stupidest friend among everyone. Jeremie Bryan Betco? Wanna taste D'Bar! Really! I hope you could fulfil your 10k goal. Superboy! Go go! Wish you'd be able to work on Accenture! All the best!

Ofcourse! Ruby Joy V. Clomera. Haha! Thanks for always being there. Thanks for being such a great great friend! Thanks for spending times with me and giving me trust and treating me as your Kuya. Lab u!

To Mel Andrea Teresa Betco este Velasco. Thanks for being there for me and your Tiya! Thanks for spending much time with us, really glad that I met you! :D

Leya! Leya! Ahaha, thanks for remembering the day. Thanks for our times, especially when we talk about life, and other stuffs! Happy to be your friend!

How about my faking bitchfrynd Blair John Tuesca? Ahaha, Happy Blorday!

Eyy! Kashee! Thanks for rememb'ring the day. Hope we could eat spaghetti on McDo! Eyyy! By the way, Pegg's new films are coming. There's Ice Age 3, Paul, TinTin and The World Ends so we should wait for this! Am really excited. Eyy!

How about my fellow blogger Nhelle? Well, I'm always happy to help! Never hesitate to ask from me, as long as I can! There's no prob! Ok?! Haha!

To Francis Angelo Limbo. Thanks for the greetings! Happy to see your SMS this morning. Hehe! Premium! Pls!?

Thank you, Miss Danica Garcia. For the comment! Really thanks! =)

To my GrandPa! GP! Ross Mobley, thanks for spending much time on my blog dude! Even though your laptop crashed with the deadly blue screen. Thanks for reading my words, for giving wonderful inspirations and for being there to support my blog. Because of you, I am able to write good things and I shall never stop writing until you are there! So really thanks! Someday, I wish I could visit the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and drink some coffee with you there so, Aloha!

Then my coolest twitterfriend Allie! Thanks for remembering the day! Glad to be your twitterfriend, myspacefriend and facebookfriend now! Cheers!

To my professor, Zaldy San Pedro. Well thanks! You should really sleep earlier! Lol.

Well how about my family? Thanks Mamita! For always being there for me! For guiding me through life and for giving me such a great comment on Friendster! Lol. Love u!

Really thanks to my Dad who bought miki bihon for our dinner. Love u!

And my most beautiful sister Keith, who never forget to help me throughout my life and studies, I really thank you. Love u!

And to Kuya Eugene, thanks for the valuable gift! Really! I think we should not mention how much it costs, but its the reason why I was able to date my loving girlfriend so, really thanks! I wish you the best with my sister. Never hurt her pls, I know you love each other so go on! Live life and enjoy!

How about those who did not remember? But always here in my heart:

To Spermatics , thanks! Robert, Jeremie, Rudolph, Angelo! Lab u all!

To Singulars, thanks for giving your trust on us. Thanks for spending much time with us! We really enjoy having fun with you! Smile!

To all my BSCS classmates, thanks for being such great friends! I wish we could spend more years together! Love you all!

To my bestest best friend ever IJ. I know you are really forgetful, so I forgive you for that. Hehe. But I should really thank you. For being the bestest friend I ever had, for being there in all the times I need a good friend. Even when there's no hope, you always help me overcome my trials, so really thanks! Even were not classmates for the coming days, still, nothing will change.

To Josh, wherever you are, I wish you all the best! Miss you jos!

To Jeanne Arboleda! How come you forget my day!?? Haha! Miss you!

To my besh, Rudolph Danielle Diaz, thank God your still alive. Haha! Thanks for being such a besh friend!

To all my fellow bloggers. Yeah this is it! You know guys, its been months since I've started this blog, but look how many great real friends I gathered!

To zebzeb, thanks for always reading my blog! I know you are good pare, so keep posting more! Honestly, I really enjoy staying on ablogslife. So keep it up!

To Shin Shin, Haha! I wish we could go to our schools any further, but then many thanks for giving much effort in spending time with my posts! Ang lupet nung "nanalangin lunch break na." Well, I'm proud ako ang inspiration for that! I remember you said na its only for me right? Haha. =)

To Crisiboy, all the best in moneymaking, SEO and to jologsnayupie! Good luck dude! Salamat sa pagiging mabuting kebigan!

Hey Rad! All the best for DaddySports! Keep writing and thanks for always visiting my blog!

To Webmiss, J4Fashion is really awesome! Your layout is really cool and the posts are really great so keep it up! Cool!

To ACRYLIQUE, I really admire your sense of art and writing. You have much passion for it, so I guess you'd be really successful! Thanks for being a great contributor for my blog! I hope na mag kakulayan pa tayo more more!

To Miss Macho: Lara. Ahaha! From now on you are miss macho! Well, thanks. It's been weeks since we've met, but you are really great! All I know from you is you are a basketballer, you go to the gym, love to watch GoodLuckChuch and you don't have an iPod Shuffle! Yayks! Hope to know you more! Really thanks my friend!

To Dennio, well great posts! Really learning from you and I love the way how you write in Pinoy style, so keep posting! I hope to read more from you soon bud! Hope you'll achieve more awards! I know you can!

Eh how about Supergulaman? Your blog is really awesome, and I really love reading from it. Isa pa, it's very unique, and really cool name! Pangalan pa lang pamatay na eh. So keep it up dude!

Eh sinu bang makakalimut sa walang ka kupas kupas na si HARI NG SABLAY? Saglit ko palang siya na kikilala, but parang kilalang kilala ko na sya, the way he wrote. He's one of the very few bloggers na nag inspire sa akin na magsulat in Pinoy style, even though it's in English pa rin, still may patikim ng Pinoy. Isa pa, sa kanya ko lang nakuha yung pag po post ng kung anu anung salita sa mga shoutbox ng mga bloggers, lantakin ba naman, pabili daw ng Richie? You are really cool man! Thanks at nakilala kita!

To Gi-Ann, I know you are new to my blog, but I can see that you are really great writer. And your posts are really cool. So please keep posting more! And thanks for being a part of my blog! See yah!

To poot! Laging nangunguna sa pag comment yan, and really thanks for that! Hope to hear more from you soon! Stay cool!

To GreenMan, well this man is really awesome. And ilang araw ko palang nakikilala, he added me on YM and we had a little conversation, he's really good. And he's nice and mabuting tao, so good luck for the Green Man Diary! Thanks bro!

Also to Stupidient, thanks for your time! Ang saya sa blag blagan!

Kay missGuided, well thanks for spending time on my blog! I hope we could know each other more, soon!

Also to SleightGirl, really thanks for giving wonderful comments! See yah soon!

Well how about Elay! Nice blog by the way! Sana magkakilala pa tayo more more! Cheers!

And to Churva, Hello! Sana mag ka churvahan pa tayo more! Ahaha, ang saya sa blog mo! Ang kukulit ng mga talasalitaan!

To all those who have been forgotten, believe me, I don't have an IQ of 150. Well you know who you are guys! I really thank you. One thing I realize. It doesn't matter how many of those people greeted me on my birth day. What matters most, is the people around me, who never let me down and become such a great great part, so I would be able to reach 19 as of now. So THANK YOU! You guys will always be in my heart. And I wish to spend all my good and bad times with you, always!



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IJ Styles said...

To my bestest best friend ever Keb. I know you aren't tellin me, so it's not my fault XD - I'm forgetful - you said it. Whatever. Anyway, no matter what (will) happen in your life - I'm still here.. Ok? It doesn't matter who has the most numbered clicks on Adsense, or the better Blog layout, yet the strongest gamer in DOTA (you know it for sure).. but it's the way how we treat each other as FRIENDS and what friends are for, especially in times of need, despair and (hunger?)and and.. Happiness of course. haha
There you have it.. Wish you all the best and Happy Delightful Birthday and more B-days to cum.. -come..

Stay awesome,

Anonymous said...

wow... nakakatuwa naman at kabilang ako dito...


at dahil jan, hindi ko na makakalimutan ang blog na ito...

hanggang sa susunod na pakikichorva!

Anonymous said...

happy bertday poh...

senxa napo ah? dko po alam... hugggssss

Anonymous said...

WOW. :)) Ms. Macho's so unlikely. =)) But anyways, thanks! :-bd And, happy birthday! :) Yes, iPod Nano rocks more than the shuffle. :-bd You can't see anything with that small piece of shiz. :)) I'm not really a fan of Goodluck Chuck, but Kim Possible. ;) More to know, more to blog. ;) More power, buddy! :-bd AND SUCH GREAT BLOG.

krizh said...

"Now, my friend. Would I call her my friend? Yappy! Thanks to Krisha Anne Valderama. I guess I found a real damn friend. And I'm proud of it. Hope we could be friends 'til end! Nothing changes! and really thanks for being there, always! Kawago ka talaga!"

awww..ang sweet nmn..;)
yn ung fave part q..parang yn ung sweetest ee..

tagalog n lng para ms sincere..hehe..
aun..4th tym n yta kta babatiin ngaun..happy happy happy birthday..!

sana mging ms close p tau..
ansaya mu dn kcng kakwentuhan khit kadalasan weird k!
and i knoerr n you're real.,
wlang kplastikan at tlgang maasahan..
promise! I will never forget you!!
and I'll always be here for you no matter what..
i can be your bestfriend if you like..haha!
alam mu nmng my requirements aq pe0 pasado..haha!!

i wish you all the happiness in the world..
you and I know that you deserve it..
happy birthday let..^^

ps:' guess I found a real damn friend. And I'm proud of it.'
~nkktouch toh..tnx!

Rad said...

Wow, thanks Keb. I was thinking of doing this same thing. My list would be much shorter than yours but it's the thought that counts. :)

Thanks for the mention Kebby

trishytrish said...

Wow, ansipag! Nabilib ako. XD

Hahaha. Oo nman. It was made for you, really. Marami na ring naghanap sakin nun pero i didn't find time to exert effort on finding and learning the codes. Just when you asked me about that did i realized that i badly needed those na. Haha. Sorry nga pala 'cause I didn't know about your birthday. I apologize. :( I feel bad about it, really.

And thanks for the post. :D

Jhoice said...

Wow, cooL post, it's indeed a sweet one.
Anywae, wen was ur bday? I'm sorry I missed it, my bad.. Oh well,,Wish u all da best.
and thanks foR remembering me, as well as for da
I think i should start making this kind
of post;-)

bRilliant idea, Thumbs up dude;)

HOMER said...

oh! you celebrated your bday pala hehe!! belated!! ;)

J.D. Lim said...

Kupow, nasingit pa ako, haha.. :D

Salamat tol. Iyun naman ang nais ko dito, ang magsulat nang magsulat para sa inyong lahat - whether you like it or not. :P

Anyway, sa gabing ito, eto na ang ikalawang beses na nabanggit ako sa isang blog. Share ko lang ung isa: http://plainview.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/i-believe-that-all-good-people-even-if-they-are-atheists-would-still-be-treated-equally-before-the-eyes-of-god/

Nakakatuwa. Bigla tuloy ako nainspire na tapusin etong 2nd part ng series. :D

Muli, hapi bertdey tol. 19 na tayo pareho. Wag kakalimutan magparehistro para makaboto.

OFF TOPIC: oo nga pala, ka-cute at ganda ng giep mo, haha.. :D

aLgene said...

this is a very long post. :D

belated happy birthday!

i'm glad you've expressed your gratitude to the persons who greeted you on your special day. that is so good of you. keep that attitude! never forget to say "thanks!" :)

Crisiboy said...

naks naman bro touch ako..muntik na kong maiyak..all the best in you too and gudluck sa lahat ng endeavors mo..wag ka mahiya magtanong skin pag may gusto ka malaman bout SEO


teka nahuli na ba ko? hapi bday pre! wag mo nako twaging kuya mgkasing edad lang tayo,lols

salamat at namention name ko dun,hehe natatawa din ako sa mga banat mong redbull at eric fructuoso,wahahaha!

salamat!hapi beerday!hehe

kashee said...

eyy! touching nman...haha, hindi ko inasahan na mamemention aq haha! salamat! kahit na hindi na tayo blockmates friends parin diba? nyahaha

madalas nga lang akong invi sa IM,YM(playing you know what) kaya hindi kita maxadong na kakachat (eh nagsawa na sa game) ngaun-ngaun na lng ulet tau nagkausap. yaan mo next time babawi ako! I will get you that cow-forsaken MC spagetti!!

so...Happy Birthday! and enjoy your 19th year in earth! basta kung may problema, wag kang mahihiyang mambulabog sakin, I will try to help yous! nyahaha

AlePrahl said...

you are a really cool twitterfriend too ;) ;)
Happy Bday Again!!! ;)

=supergulaman= said...

woott...salamat parekoy...nakakaiyak naman yan...aheks...salamat ng madami...belated hapi bday na din...weeeepeeee.... keep penning... ^_^

stupidient said...

aba starring ako dito ah,,



missGuided said...

hapiibeerday! haha kabilang pala ako dito. salamat. thnx sa mga commento...sana bisitahin mo ko sa bagong bahay ko...may masamang espirito kasi don kaya nag-alsabalutan ako.haha

nyc post.keepitup :D

Ross said...

GP is posting again because my comments are buried in the general comments section: Your words are too kind! You are doing a great job on your blog - wish you many more Happy B-days! GP Ross

Anonymous said...

thank you for checking out my blog, just returning the favor, though i don't know which blog of yours to follow... there's a couple of them :)

anyhoo, have a great week!


.pOot! said...

hi pareng keb!

wow! you just turned 19. congrats. you're one year older than me. wahaha. tumatanda ka na. lol.

belated hapi BURP-dei pala. this calls for a celebration. *winks*


ReN said...

nakuu tumatanda ka na!!! :P haha..anyway thats something we cant stop or avoid so just cherish it ..and celebrate opkors! :) haha..anyway keep up the good work ... on this profile and on your life :) wish all the good luck and congrats ...

geh2..hanggang d2 n lng :P wla na masabi..hahaha


OMG! Shocks!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEBS!! Woot-woot *chestbumps*

Napahaba lang ang tulog ko 19 ka na pala...
Ang bilis. :)

Salamat at kasama ako sa 150+ IQ mo!!!
Patuloy pa rin ang daloy ng kulay sa buhay.

At dahil dyan, magpopost din ako ng pinakagwapong pic ko sa birthday ko! Haha


NHELZ said...

yey.. at kasaLi tLga aku noh?,.hahaha..
anyways,. I wish u aLL the best, for you and your famiLy,. HAPPINESS!!!..

Elay said...

yea, i hope magkakilala pa tau more.. cheers. ayeah n_n

Rea Carla said...

One and only...the most wonderful girl you've met...WOW... nice... sarap.. hahaha... Happy Birthday kahapon... ang saya, nag enjoy ako.. thanks din for the great time... Happiest birthday so far pla ah, gawin nating mas happy yung susunod, at yung mga susunod pa, hehe... Wishing you all the best in life.. I'll always be thankful that I've met someone like you.. You're so sweet, so talented, you are hilarious, you're very kind, you're so affectionate, you're totally amazing, you are everything (wow)... Marami kang napapasaya (kasama ako dun syempre), hehe.. Be safe..

Gi-Ann said...

Thanks dito Keb for the mention. :D

Nakiki celebrate ka talaga ng birthday mo sa blogging world ah.tsk tsk That's sweet of you. Tsaka yung title : Forget me, forget me not.. haha you're making other people na nakalimutan yung day mo na "don't forget it again or else you will never have the chance to be included sa thank you list ko."

Yoko na sana mag pasalamat eh nagawa naman na nila lahat eh. pero dibale na nga.. salamat narin.

*napipilitan yata* :)

JM said...

nice blog, HAPPI BIRTHDAY!

keichelle said...

to my one and only BRO (no choice eh panu ba yan)
hehehe...I didnt had the chance to post a comment on your FS whatsoever pero aminin mo, Im one of the people who greeted you on the very midnight of your bday,and to remind you I was there while youre coming out to meet the WORLD :)hehehe though life is sometimes not that good at all, always remember that your ate is here, and will always be here for you...even if words arent being said...I LOVE YOU :) enjoy the journey!


heypi bertday po!ngaun lang tau nagkakilala eh kaya ngaun lang kita nagreet..hehe..nice meeting you!

leya said...

hey where didi you get ur background???

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