Tuesday, June 9

Battle of Pinoy Energy Drinks

In 2006, more than 3 billion Red Bull cans were sold over 130 countries. Here in the Philippines, we are advised to refrain from drinking the energy drink within the past few weeks because of the said risks of heart attack and stroke in Australia. Even young people might be affected. The energy drink is popular in Australian Universities because they say it gives them "wings" which causes the blood to become sticky, a pre-cursor to cardiovascular problems such as stroke.
Red Bull products here in the Philippines were manufactured in Thailand. But the government says that we are not sure that the products do not come from Australia. And because of the cocaine controversy, Red Bull is on hold in supermarkets and stores.
There are a lot of energy drinks in the market as of today. But here are three of the most popular:
Extra Joss: You can avail a sachet of this energy drink in any stores nationwide. Just dissolve the powder with one glass of cold water, and you'll have an instant energy drink. Cost: P5 - P8. Well, my dad prefer drinking extra joss instead of red bull. Hehe.

Sting: Usually, sting energy drinks are bottled in softdrink bottles. Also available in cherry flavor. It costs P8 - P10. My friends usually drink this after our soccer games.

Cobra: This energy drink also costs P8 - P10. Has a great taste, as what I have heard from many people. And its now popular in TV ads.

What's your energy drink?

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trishytrish said...

Ay favorite ng guy classmates ko yung Cobra! Haha. Marami kcng nagtitinda sa labas ng school nmin eh. Tpos feeling ko, naeenergize tlga sila. Some were joking pa nga na, "Naku, maraming tao sa Baclaran. Kakailanganin ko to." Haha. And buti na lang din napatunayan nang walang cocaine content ung mga energy drinks na yan.

Anonymous said...

Woo! :-bd I'm the first one to comment. Anyways, my energy drink? Edi water. Or, Gatorade with Hydrite. It hydrates. :| Obviously. =)) Anyways, I'm being corny there.
I really think that Red Bull has cocaine. I mean c`mon! It'll make you high and whatever. It's somewhat up-shiz-ing. :| :)) I dunno the word. Basta yon. Baka finefake lang nila na wala, para madami parin bumili. God, they should triple check this shiz.

The Green Man said...

Ah... this is why you were asking me what energy drink I am taking? Unfortunately, I don't take any energy drink... water , soya milk lang madalas.

Mejo conscious kasi ako sa mga power drinks kasi ang taas ng mga calories and natatakot ako tumaba. and I don't want to take in too much protein forms kasi it's being digested in the liver and I have to make sure my liver is ok bec of the ARV i am taking.

But i like you entry on this one... very informative :-D Keep it coming :-D

.pOot! said...

hehe. pasensya! di ako umiinom niyan eh. kaya nga wala akong pakialam kung napull-out man yung mga prod. na 'to sa market. PEACE!

pero buti naman at nag-negative sa cocaine yung mga energy drinks sa pinas. btw, umiinom ka ba nito?

J.D. Lim said...

naku, ang kilala ko lang eh wilkins at absolute, lalo na pag nauhaw ako kakalakad sa mall, haha.. :D

minsan si pareng bear brand ang iniinom at kinakain ko.

natikman ko na minsan ang gatorade, pero wala naman pinagkaiba, matamis lang, at ayaw ko ng matamis na tubig, haha.. :D

mavs said...

di ako masyado umiinom ng mga
energy drinks eh
but when i was still working
grave yard in a call center
extra joss lang ung trip ko...
i like the post parekoy..
tnx nga pala for following my blog...
add na kita sa blogroll ko...

keb said...

Actually, am not drinking any of it. Mas gusto ko pa nga ang coffee and hot choco. Hehe, pero kung sa thirst quenchers, nothing beats water. Really tastes good. Anung lasa? Lasang tubeg. Peace =)


Haha. Energy drink? YAKULT na panis! haha

o kaya pinaghalong extrajoss at redbull. Daiug mo pa si Mike enriquez, 48hrs kang dilat! :)

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