Tuesday, May 12

Twitter For Sale?

Twitter is an ultimate micro-blogging service that is offered nowadays on the web for FREE. It allows any user; celebrities, politicians, maniacs, pervs, internet marketers, sellers, brainiacs or any user (name it) to send a 140-character text messages to their network of buddies, families, classmates, officemates anywhere, anytime! It's a simple answer to the question: "What are you doing?" 

As what has been mentioned on ABC's "The View," creative director Biz Stone said "no" when host Walters asked him about the gossips about Google, Apple or Microsoft's interest on buying Twitter. 

The web phenomenon was really on the "hot spot" for this year. On February 2009, the site reached almost 7 million unique visitors, which offers a great opportunity for online marketers around the world to expose their web blogs, websites and other profitable products. The updates are on real-time, which means that with a blink of an eye, you are already left behind. It also became the portal for news updates, since CNN, BBC, and other broadcasting legends already signed up for their Twitter accounts, and millions of users watch out for their "tweets" be heard on public. 

And also a clarification from Stone, regarding the comparison that occurred between Twitter VS other social networks: "Twitter is not a social network, such as Facebook or MySpace. It is an information network that allows you to curate and receive info in real time that is relevant and meaningful to you." 

There we go. Now that we fully understand what Twitter is, including its users, purpose, ownership and benefits, the future of micro-blogging is not just on the hands of its key people. It doesn't really matter who owns Twitter, when we know those guys are really doing their job, we, the users should take part of it. Tweet for quality information, never abuse the site's capabilities and maintain the site's reputation regarding with information sharing, with these simple rules, I believe Twitter will exist for long, long years to come, and it's gonna be providing us with real-time FREE service, that is truly priceless. 

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