Wednesday, May 13

Simon Pegg as "Scotty" on Star Trek

It's been 6 days since Star Trek premiere last seventh of May. The film already hit $79,204,289 on box office, but that's just a little penny. I know it's all gonna be "big time." The time warping, dazzling, and revitalized franchise for Trek, that has been directed by J.J. Abrams, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Karl Urban and (Jees! Last but not least) Simon Pegg has been very successful within this week. 

Pegg accepted the role as Montgomery "Scotty" Scot. He was the only actor who did not undergo an audition. Director Abrams just sent him an email asking if he wanted to play the said role. Simon described Scotty's personality: a positive Scottish stereotype, noting "Scots are the first people to laugh at the fact that they drink and fight a bit." His wife, Maureen, helped him perform Scotty's accent, and also assistant director Gormly. 

Pegg was known for the hit blockbuster: "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" (parts of the blood and ice cream trilogy.) He also portrayed a fat man who ran away from his bride-to-be with "Run, Fat Boy, Run" and a pervert call center agent from "Big Nothing." In 2008, he played as Toby Young's memoir, a British writer who struggled to make it big time in NY. 
As what have "Peggsters" known, Simon played the role of Tim Bisley on the hit TV sitcom on Channel 4 in UK, he cracked a joked that every odd-numbered Star Trek film being "shit" was a fact of life. Now he understood that fate put him in the movie, to teach him that he was talking out of his ass.

Star Trek obtained 95% "certified fresh" from Rotten Tomatoes (an online film critic institution.) The film is currently showing in theatres worldwide so never, ever forget to catch 2009's most fully-loaded and promising reboot.


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AlePrahl said...

Im posting a comment yay!!
nice post..
can't wait to see the movie, you are making me more anxious!!

keb said...

thanks! first commment ahg!

MaryJane Cannabian said...

I haven't been to see the New Star Trek yet, but Simon Pegg is one of the main reasons why I want to see it. I could never watch him too much. He went from "Spaced" to being "In Space". ;-)

keb said...

ahaha, Cool.. How about Run Fat Boy Run!?

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