Tuesday, May 19

Ignore Annoying People on Yahoo Messenger (Even on Your Buddy List!)

How do you ignore "annoying" people on Yahoo! Messenger? It's simple! First on our Ignore 101: "unknown people." Have you experienced people who tried to ask your ASL for 7x? That's really annoying, isn't it? So here we go. On the chat box, just point to the icon beside the "add to buddy list" sign (+) and click it. It's the instant button for "ignore."

How about people on your list who love to play annoying tricks on you, "buzz-ing" you all the time and keeps on asking you for a date (*lol)? Now here's the thing:

1. On your Yahoo! Messenger, click "Messenger" 
2. Then, "Preferences."
3. You must find the list on the left side and click "Ignore List."
4. Click "Ignore only the people below."
5. Then click "add."
6. Type the username of the person you want to ignore, and hit enter.
7.  Click "OK" and say sayonara!


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kooper_marl said...

great post, keep it up

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