Wednesday, May 20

Man's Ancestry: Verified?

The American Museum of National History in New York, USA announced the most controversial discovery of the generation. A discovery that will end up the debate about human history for about 150 years, from tree-dwelling primates to the modern Homo sapiens. Today, scientists from the University of Oslo found "Ida," Darwinius masillae. It has been called the "missing link" in connecting human skeletal structure to early mammals, such as dinosaurs. Ida has certain human features such as forward facing eyes and an opposable thumb. 
Long ago, Ida was popularly known as Lucy, estimated to live 3.2 million years ago. Lucy's specimen was discovered in 1974, she was 40% complete skeleton. Now that the scientists found the missing link, Darwin's theory have been validated and it's not the end of the discovery, it's just the beginning of our history.
More info on The Link.


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