Sunday, June 21

Top 9 Movies About Father

Dad, daddy, papa, father, grandpa, paps, etc. No wonder, we are celebrating their greatest day! So what do I hear? Its movie time! I know there are a lot of blockbuster films to be watched with daddy on the sofa, so here's my top 9 films that really shows how great our daddy is:

9. Father's Day - A 1997 comedy film starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

8. Father of the Bride - a 1991 comedy film starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. The film is about a father who tries to handle the fact that his daughter has grown up and has a life of her own.

7. The Godfather - A 1972 American crime thriller film based on the 1969 novel of the same name by Mario Puzo. It stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and James Caan. The story is about the 1940 New York Mafia family and their struggle to protect their empire from rival families.

6. In the Name of the Father - a 1993 film directed by Jim Sheridan based on the true life story of the Guildford Four. The film is about a group of three Irishmen and one Englishwoman wrongly imprisoned for the 1974 IRA bombing of a pub in Guildford, England.

5. Daddy Day Care - a 2003 American comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin. Released in theatres on May 9, 2003. The story is about Charlie and Phil who opened their own day care center and enjoyed taking care of more than 10 kids who are really, really naughty and clever.

4. Big Daddy - An American comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan, starring Adam Sandler, which was released on June 25, 199y by Columbia Pictures. The story is about Sonny: a carefree, unmotivated slob who has declined any responsibilities in life, then a 5 year old Julian turns out up, claiming that his the son of his roommate Kevin. Kevin disclaims all the knowledge and leaves for work. Sonny becomes an instant Daddy and reconsidered life, formed a real bond with Julian alongside his mother, Layla.

3. I am Sam - a drama film telling a story of a mentally challenged father and his efforts to retain custody of his daughter. The film stars Sean Penn which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor and Dakota Fanning. The film also features 3 people with disabilities, all of them are in a group called G.O.A.L. (Greater Opportunities for the Advanced Living).

2. The Pursuit of Happyness - a 2004 American biographical drama film, based on the real life story of Chris Gardner. The film stars Will Smith: an on and off homeless salesman-turned millionaire together with his real life son, Jade Smith. The film won the Best Picture title for NAACP Image Award for Most Outstanding Motion Picture.

1. Taken - Based on the poster above, you can actually discover what the film is all about. Taken is a 2008 French thriller/action film starring Liam Neeson as a retired Central Intelligence Agency operative who sets about tracking down his teen daughter after she was kidnapped by trade slavers while travelling in Europe.

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Mokong™ said...

Pare thanks sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko...add kita sa link ko...interesting din kasi tong site mo!
Nga pala sa post mo na ito ang pinaka fave ko yung I AM SAM! the best..galing ni sean penn sa movie na yan...


I agree with order. Pero memorable ang I am Sam sa akin. kasama ko nanuod ang Nanay ko. Umiiyak sya. thrice namin pinanuod . haha. Happy Father's Day! :)

keb said...

Ahaha, Nice one, I am Sam is really cool! And cute pa si Dakota nuon. Well for me, TAKEN is the best, have you watched it already? It's really awesome! Todo aksyon and thrill. Love it!

IJ Styles said...

Pursuit of Happyness for me..

aLgene said...

i so love pursuit of happyness.. :)

keb said...

Ahaha, really great movie! Thanks!

HOMER said...

Syempre naman GODFATHER ang the best dito! Damn! nang dahil sa movie na yan naging ultimate fan ako ni Al Pacino!

Pursuit of happyness- ayus din to! astig ang peformance ni will smith! galing din ng anak nya haha!!

Big Daddy- ayus din to basta Adam Sandler you wont go out at the cinema disappointed! laughtrip!

I AM SAM- the best si Sean Penn no doubt that he grabbed the Oscars for best actor here! Gusto ko yung court scene dito akala ko pa naman mapunta na sa kanya si Lucy, kundi lang dun sa interruption ng friend nya saying that Sam's statements are coming from the movie Kramer vs. Kramer which is ok din na movie haha!! Trip ko din to kasi yung soundtrack is mostly Beatles! astig!!

keb said...

Yeah Godfather is really really great and awesome! Well good for you Homer , Al Pacino is really good with this film. =)

trishytrish said...

Fave ko yung Pursuit of Happyness! Haha. Npaluha ako dun eh. Galing galing Will Smith pti anak nia. Kaya lang, d ko pa kasi napapanuod ung iba. LOL.

Happy Fathers' Day sa dad mo, Kebby. Super late na ng bati ko kse gabi na. XD

keb said...

Game yan ! Sayo din Sheen!

Goryo Dimagiba said...

The pursuit of Happiness.. ganda yan..
salamat sa pagdalaw sa tambayan ni Goryo

keb said...

Mukhang Pamatay talaga ang Pursuit ah! Cool!

ShatterShards said...

I have only seen two of the films listed above, yung Father's Day and Father of the Bride. I'm not really a fan of Adam Sandler nor Eddie Murphy, kaya di ko madalas panoorin yung films nila. Yung ibang films naman, lumipas nang hindi ko man lang napapanood. haha!

Not necessarily a father-themed movie, pero gusto ko yung About a Boy. It wasn't his son, pero through the kid, he learned how to be mature, like a father to a son. I still like Nick Hornby's novel compared to the movie, though.

Great post you have here, Kebby. I've added you to my roll, by the way. :-D

gillboard said...

Finding Nemo's the best Father film ever... hehehe

Allen Yuarata said...

Sa lahat ng movie sa list, isa lang yung napanood ko. haha. Yung Big Daddy. tsk tsk.

tama si gillboard, maganda din pang-Father's Day yung Finding Nemo. hehe.

Nice blog you got here.

Anonymous said...

kala ko pursuit ung number 1.. hehe ill try to watch taken. ehehe thank you sa list

keb said...

@SHATTERSHARDS = I'll check it out. About a boy, iyon ba yung kay Hugh Grant? Thanks by the way!

@GILLBOARD = Ahaha, I forgot to include NEMO on the list. But it's really a good one. THX

@ALLEN YUARATA = Big Daddy is really funny. Thanks for checking out!

@YOUTHANASIA = You should really watch TAKEN. It's really awesome! You'll never regret watching it. Cheers!

tomato cafe said...

the godfather! hehe
i haven't seen Taken but does look interesting.

keb said...

Yeah! Really! Thanks tomato cafe!

cheezy said...


naalala ko bgla ang i am sam.

pgkatapos ko mpnood yang movie n yan,
namamaga na mata ko.
umatungal tlga ko.
hahah. share lng.


keb said...

Nyahaha, namaga tlga? Grabeh naman. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Well done & interesting list. To give you a baseball reference, Field of Dreams fits here too. If you haven't seen it, consider it.
Thanks for sharing!

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