Thursday, June 18

Kebism: Not a Personal Blog Anymore?

"Kebism - The Personal Blog of Kevin Michael C. Garcia shall not be called a "personal blog" anymore. Today, this blog is officially called Kebism - Music, Movies and Tech: All in One."

-Kevin Michael C. Garcia

Why change?

The rebirth of my blog was inspired by a lot of things around me. I have set another goal in my life. Another subject, another side of me and my other point of view that does not exceed with me as an individual, my friends and my world. I am not 100% sure if this transformation will help me achieve the best things for myself. As far as I know, this change will allow me to explore a better world, with no limits and infinite opportunities which I should take not just for considering myself, but now I shall go beyond my limits: from my personal way to reflect on life and works of art, now going further through the massive world of Movies which I love most, Music which I treat as a vital source of my life and the greatest innovation of all time which is Technology.

What are the changes?

1. I've changed the blog title, description and the header.
2. As the blog converts from its personal subject to another forms of niche, posts about the personal life of the owner would be less prioritized. But still, readers would be able to read the creator's thoughts and opinions with various topics.
3. The blog shall not just be listed for the category of "personal blogs" but also in "movies," "music," and "technology."
4. Other topics such as news and current affairs, Pinoy, science, stuffs, games, personal and entertainment are not forgotten but paid less attention.

Goals and Achievements

As I have started my personal blog here in Kebism, I've got plenty of friends. I can't even count now how many are they! Really! That is why I treasure them as true buddies and as I write my thoughts and reflections, I feel so grateful because I've found my own sanctuary. And I achieved a lot of things which I might call, "a little step towards success."
My blog has started publishing since January 24, 2009 and the first time I've checked my Alexa ranking was four months later. Here are the improvements of my rank, which I can say good-but-not-so-great:

May 21, 2009: 5,333,567th
June 3, 2009: 3,372,045
June 12, 2009: 1,205,396
June 17, 2009: 993,403
June 18, 2009: 926,128

At least I'm not on the one-millionth place (lol). I wish more success for this blog. More readers and visitors. And as I change my path and points of view, I'd still publish great posts for those who continue to support me. I assure you all that you'll still get the ultimate Kebism experience. Have a great time and enjoy! Cheers!

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NHELZ said...

woohhh.. rebirth!..
don't worry about the ranking, you'll get there!.. I think since you've started your bLog, you've helped so many people about anything aand everything, so the change from 'personal blog' to 'all in one' is a good move. keep it up!.
aLL the best uber techy-teacher!..

Anonymous said...

well i don't like blogs who's main purpose is to make profit. nevertheless thanks for droppin by



"Don't make excuses. Make things happen. Make changes. Then make history.” - Doug Hall

.pOot! said...

WOW dude. so i also have to change your blog's name in my blog roll. hehe.

goodluck sa lahat. :) dito lang ako.

The Green Man said...

The only thing I know about blogging is putting my thoughts in writing. Just wanting to document my life.

Good luck with your change. :-D

Visit my blog when you get the chance :-D

keb said...

Nhell = Thank you!
Anonymous = I never said I'm into profit! Cool eh?
.pOot! = Thanks for your support! Cheers!
Green Man = Thanks for dropping by, you know I'd still visit your blog always!


ayos astig.

kailngan talaga natin ng pagbabago.

kaya ako magbabago na din ako,lols

keb said...

Ahaha, anung klase naman, HARI?

Rad said...

Congrats on the steady improvement and growth of the blog Kebby. You seem to be really tech savvy and a movie buff. This should work out just fine. Just keep up the good writing.

Good luck man

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