Sunday, May 17

Know Who's Invisible on Yahoo Messenger

A good trick to identify your friends if they are on invisible mode:
1. Double click their name on your list to open a chat window.
2. Click IMVironment --> See all IMVironments --> Interactive Fun
3. Choose Doodle
4. If it says "waiting for your buddy to load Doodle," then your friend is really offline.

5. But if it shows a blank screen like the image below, then your friend is in "invisible mode!"

6. Another way to check invisible users in YM is to use Y!Detector. Simply enter your friend's username and it will automatically check if the user is online, offline, or invisible.

Happy haunting!

ksm &-&

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mahabuk mar said...

thx a lot. now i know who is invisible or hiding..

mike watt said...

thx! perrfect!

Anonymous said...

i guess ydetect is not so reliable and sometimes it miss its target because other sites use its engine. i was a ydet fan but lately i switched to because is more reliable, clean and bright :)
thanks for the trick with doodle but i use pidgin :D

Invisible Yahoo said...

Or you could just use a simple online detector/ scanner for invisible status in yahoo! messenger, I personally recomend this one:

keb said...

Thanks for the comment. But the site's main language is not English, although it is functional.

yahoo status said...


Thanks for this informations . I also find a great website that always works .
You can also add this website to your list
This comes with something new and show hi5 account and avatar .
You can try at this address :


Xpl0si0n said...

use to find who is invisible on yahoo messenger.

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