Monday, May 18

Download Songs from IMEEM

How do you download music files from the social-music site imeem? Well, as far as I know, there are some types of music that are exclusively available from imeem. Some of the instrumentals, live records or acoustic versions of my favorite songs which were uploaded by various users can only be found on this site, so I wonder how can I grab those songs and add to my mp3 playlist. Now here's what I've found. A website that enables anyone to download files from any site. Here are the steps:

1. Type in to your Firefox browser:
2. Then copy the web URL where your favorite music can be listened, then paste it to the URL box.
3. Check the box for "I have read and agree to the terms of service."
4. Click "Get Files"
5. Then, on the lower part of the page, you can see a URL of your file. Basically, it is on flv format.
6. Right click the URL, and click "save link as.."
7. A download box will appear and will confirm your download.
8. After the download, you can play the song through FLV Player.
9. If you want to convert the FLV file to mp3, you can convert it here for free.

This method works on Mozilla Firefox. Happy downloading!

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Wow thax a lot!

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