Sunday, January 25

Spermatics: on it's first commercial...

McDonald's released it's latest commercial ad: "First Love" featuring the song "Ang Huling El Bimbo" by Eraserheads. It's funny, how the kids act, and of course, the artists were great. As a partial fulfillment for the requirements in our Presentation Skills in IT subject, our group, also called "Spermatics" created a spoof version of the said commercial ad. We made our shooting at McDonald's SM Manila and it was awesome! I acted as the over all director, a part time cameraman and I also played two roles as one of the fathers and the new husband. We rearranged the idea: the two friends from the original ad became two gay guys, in loved with each other from the time they met at McDonald's together with their mom-turned-dad, until the time has come that the other man has his own husband already (It's up to you if you think they had their same sex marriage in Las Vegas). The spoof ended up with the music "Single Ladies" by Beyonce Knowles, it's funny because we all sang the song while we're in school and as we heard and saw the final video, we laughed and screamed as if there's no tomorrow. An infinite thanks to my best friend IJ, who accepted the role as one of the kids together with Jeremie. And of course, my congratulations to Limbog, Bert and Rudolf... Yeah! Spermatics!



iii.iRisH.dOp.iii said...

ugh.. they said its the worst commercial spoof.. but for us.. its da best.. amf.. they dont know how hard to shot this commercial.. hahaha... right kebism??

keb said...

yep yep =)

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