Tuesday, June 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Zombie fans, mark your calendars! The sequel for Valve's cooperative first person zombie shooting game is finally announced. Release date is on November 17, 2009. How I wish it's Nov. 1. Heha, by the way, the game has it's new features. L4D 2 offers a much larger game than the original, with new survivors, boss zombies, weapons and items. There are new melee weapons to be introduced such as frying pan, axe, baseball bat and chainsaw. 
The game will also introduce the "AI Director 2.0" wherein the gameplay is taken to the next level and encourages players to participate with the in-game features such as the ability to change weather effects, objects, pathways, enemy population, sounds and effects to match a custom player's performance.
The game will feature 5 episodes. There will be a new class which is called the "Charger" that has the ability to stun survivors by charging them. There are also some modifications for zombies and the Witch. 
Left 4 Dead already received many praises from game critics around the world. Game Rankings  gave it a score of 88 while Metacritic gave 89. Described as "quite possibly the perfect co-op shooter," L4D also received recognitions as one of the best multiplayer and PC games from different gaming publications and organizations such as IGN, GameSpy, SpikeTV, NoFrag and BAFTA. 
Now will the new survivors Nick, Rochelle, Coach and Ellis become as hot and as action packed as the previous team of survivors Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis? Well, it's not yet time to judge. I know its gonna be a hit and believe me, L4D 2 will be the ultimate survival horror game of its generation.

Visit the L4D Official Website here.

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Anonymous said...

Hello i love this game im excited to play it on NOV..

missy said...

nice game were excited to play l4d

Anonymous said...


ericka said...

Nick, Rochelle, Coach and Ellis: they are the new survivors? thats awesome!

kashee said...

I'm looking forward to the new features!, I hope it won't be so buggy as the first one.

and new characters! awesome! XD

keb said...

Yep, am excited to play this one... really!

miscrink said...

I am really excited to play L4D 2 I can't wait anymore!

keb said...

lets play l4d 2!

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