Tuesday, June 30

How Will You Know If You Are H1N1 Positive?

Today, there are 445 confirmed cases of swine flu in the Philippines, and 1 already died. By this very moment, there is no easy way to know if you have the Influenza A (H1N1) Virus. Before, there is a laboratory test done to isolate and identify organisms that may cause infection in the throat, also known as throat swabbing. Now, the process has been discontinued. Patients that might be positive for H1N1 shall stay at home, take a rest and drink the medicine prescribed by a doctor.
That's what hapened to me. I've experienced fever, my temperature rose up to 39 degrees Celsius. I've got cough, headache, body ache, soar throat and chills. It all started when I'm on school. Yes. I've gone to different places. And before I went on to the university, I travel through public transportation such as jeepney and the Light Rail Transit (LRT). It never felt good when I came to school. My head feels very heavy. I can't even understand what the people around me are saying. All I know is that my head is gotta burst into pain and I hate it. So, fear came into my mind. Is it H1N1? I can't find the answer. Maybe I should ask a fortune teller. And even if I consult the doctor, there's nothing he/she can do. So I went home. Cut my classes and took a rest. I took paracetamol every 4 hours, but still doesn't feel any better. So on Monday, my mom aided me to visit the nearest public health center. By that time, my temperature was 37.8. So what did the doctor said? Do I have H1N1? Am I positive? Well nobody knows. And why should I know? I just need to take Cefalexin (an antibiotic) for 4 times a day, a medicine for cough, vitamin c and biogesic and that's it! Within 10 days or less I could go back to school. Whew! Well real easy huh?
So as far as what I have experienced there is no significant difference whether you are H1N1 positive or you just have the seasonal flu. It's just the same, you just need to stay at home for 10 days, and take your pills and that's it! You're good! So why worry? But there's one thing for sure: the H1N1 pandemic will not just scare the hell among of us. Its gonna be tough, and its gonna take a long time, after all, the government is not doing everything to take good care for the community.

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.pOot! said...

nyahehe. base na naman ako!!! swerte ko talaga.

oo nga. dapat talaga dobleng ingat tayo sa mga panahong ito. sa mga affiliate hospitals nga namin eh nag-strict na rin. di na kami ine-expose sa OPD at sa ER. sayang pero mas ok na rin yun. diba?

trishytrish said...

Kaya pala matagal ka nawala. Grabe, uso tlga seasonal flu ngayon. Lalo pa, magulo ung panahon. Buti tlga magaling ka na. :)

Uhm wait. I think may mali dun s post mo. "39 degrees fahrentheit" is way too low. Celsius po ata dpt? Wala lang, nagmarunong lang. Haha.


Tsk, tsk. Scary! *sigh*

Dont wanna go out na. haha.

Hope you are feeling better na. Matagal din ako nawala. Not because of any flu. I went hunting up in the North to retain my sparkle. haha!

keb said...

+poot = haha, lagi kang base. bakit kaya? nice, thanks and ingat parati!

+ TRISH = uu nga eh, seasonal flu, swine flu anu pa man yan suskoo!! ang sakit sa ulo. Hayan, patunay ng sakit ng ulo ko, pinilit ko pang mag blog, hayan, napag palit ang Fahrentheit at Celsius. but THanks! Nice one! Hehe, sana makapasok na ko bukas.. :)

keb said...

+ ACRYLIQUE = thanks for hoping. yeah, medyo oks na. ohh really? nice one! wala nakong takot ngaun. hehe :))

Mokong™ said...

Nice to know your ok...
Mabuti naman dito sa Bulacan hindi laganap ang virus na yan...
Mtapos na sana! Nakakasawa na kami yung araw-araw bago pumasok kinukuhanan ka ng body temp...hehhe

keb said...

Oo nga eh, kaso hula ko one year pa to. :(

Anonymous said...

Well said ... more importantly, hope you get feeling better.

keb said...

Thanks Frank!

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