Wednesday, June 24

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Buzz

Buzz feature lets you get a friend's attention through their instant messaging window. When you buzz someone:

1. You send a short message for them: BUZZ!
2. The message has a not-so-quiet-but-not-so-loud doorbell sound.
3. You shake their IM window. Feels like an earthquake.
4. Sometimes, its kind of ANNOYING!

So you hate the Yahoo! Messenger Buzz feature? Here's a little trick so you can remove and disable this feature:

1. On YM window, click Messenger then Preferences
2. On the left side, click Alerts and Sounds, then click on the third row on the right which says: "A messenger contact buzzes me"
3. Uncheck the boxes for "Shaking the message window" and "Playing sound"

Cheers! No more annoying alerts when a contact BUZZes! you.

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still alive.. said...

aww..alam q n 2..hehe..

iba p..^^

k2wa mga pnopost mu d2 aa..

Ruphael said...

tnx for the i know..

aLgene said...

haha. ayokong gawinh yun. wala naman masyadong nagbubuzz sa'kin eh. :D

keb said...

Ahaha cool! Add mo ko sa YM, I'll buzz you every 3seconds...


ah ganun pala yun, salamat pre! dko lam yun eh,hehe


Haha. Thanks sa info!
pero sa ofis automatic disabled ang BUZZ. ganun pala yun. :)

zeb said...

nice one pare. i will do it nga ma try nga nyahahaha. eto pala ym ko

.pOot! said...


btw, punta ka sa blog ko ngayon na. i hope it will make U smile.

Crisiboy said...

ahh ok ayos tohh..nice one keb..sige try ko hahaha

trishytrish said...

Hahaha! Nice. Thanks for the info, Kebby. :D
I think, busy people like me needs this, BADLY.


Anonymous said...

i just changed the sound of mine... less irritating and i can still hear when people want to BUZZ me

keb said...

Thats cool!

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