Wednesday, June 10

Adam Lambert is Proud to Be Gay

Finally! After all the months of rumours and speculation across the net and television about Adam Lambert's sexuality, he has finally come out. The Rolling Stone released the issue of the magazine on June 9. He said "I don't think its a surprise to anyone hear that I'm gay. I'm proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It's just another part of me."
Well that's not really a surprise. Everybody says he's gay, and the fact was supported due to the photos that came out through the internet, that shows Adam kissing guys torridly. Despite of being gay, this 27 year old runner up for American Idol Season 8 is really awesome. A very great performer and singer, I liked his version of "If I Can't Have You" and "Mad World." He has a good quality of voice and a very promising talent. He is releasing a debut album from RCA Records and he signed with 19 Recordings, owned by Simon Fuller.

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Gi-Ann said...

buti nalang di ko idol 'tong si Adam Lambert. Kung hindi haynaku! ..
Pero I admire his honesty. I have lots of gay friends and i find them good persons. I respect gays. :)

keb said...

Yep, I really love his voice quality. Haha, love the song "If I Can't Have You"

Mac Callister said...

finally nag come out na siya.well we all speculated it naman na,kulang nalang confirmation,so ito na nga,i really like his voice though,great singer.

optimistic dora said...

yeah,i heard that too... nkaka surprise lang tlaga c adam noh,but di bagay sa kanya ang mging gay friend.sayang,cute pa nman cya! pero,wla na tayong mgagawa,he confessed na! ok nlang din...

Elay said...

napansin ko lng bakit halos lahat ng may ichura gay not that there's anything wrong with that it's just that haaay wala lng hehe. anyway he's an awesome performer and i think when you're performing no one cares about your sexuality. n_n

Anonymous said...


keb said...

Yep, he's a real man on-stage.


Love this guy!! Haha!

Sinadya talagang maging roommate nya si Kris Allen.

At crush pala nya!! haha

NHELZ said...

I KNEW IT!!,.hahah,.
well at least he admitted it.
he's stiLL a good artist.
nothing changes..

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