Tuesday, May 5

Swine to H1N1

Before the 2009 US outbreak, on August 27, 2007, the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines already investigated an outbreak of swine flu in Nueva Ecija. Now: in Mexico. Canada. Australia. US. And more more soon! The Swine Flu Virus, is now called "H1N1" by the World Health Organisation. It is said that the word "swine" associated with the other not-so-EATable word "flu" and "virus" made the meat industry go down. So now there it goes. The H1N1. Nice name. By the way, we already ate pork adobo, pork barbecue, pork sinigang and pork 'n' beans in a can. Ooh Oh! Got cough now..

ksm X-X

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