Saturday, May 30


Don't know AddThis yet? Well, it's an online bookmarking and sharing solution that enables bloggers and webmasters to easily install a simple, effective and cute widget/tool below each blog post or website. Recently, I've found the website while searching "social bookmark buttons" coz I really wondered how those pro bloggers use this widget. I told myself I also like to include the terrific AddThis button right after the posts on my personal blog. 
At first, it was not very easy to install the widget, because I forgot to tick the "expand widget templates" box on the edit HTML page of Blogger. I wonder why it does not give any change the way I post, so I tried to visit the AddThis Forum and I posted a new topic under Basic Button Setup and fortunately, they answered my question in 12 hours. Thanks to Rahf! I never thought this website is really user-friendly. The community is really awesome. They help newbies who experience difficulties regarding the usage of the free "AddThis" button, and therefore, is really a great innovation for the web users and more power to AddThis!

Grab your AddThis button now!


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Justin Thorp said...

Hey, I'm the Community Manager for AddThis. Thanks so much for using our service. We really appreciate it. If there is anything we can do to make it better, don't hesitate to drop me a line -

keb said...

Thank you. I appreciated your effort to read my little review. Really thanks! I am very grateful!

Jim Lane said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for the blog post, much appreciated.

Rahf said...

Thanks for the post. It was my pleasure helping you out.

keb said...

Happy to Help!

OEN-OEN said...

thanx for your posting, but i'm still can't see the words to install the addthiss although i check the expand template :sad:

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