Wednesday, March 25

Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 =)

It's been a month since I have posted my last blog. I miss my postings and I know, you're already wondering what might have happened. So, there we go! The past weeks have been very toxic for me and my mates. We undergo another shooting days for a new set of movies to be showcased on the class, we also had our FINAL exams, and a lot of things happened. We're finally done on colleting our cards. Thank God I got passing grades. Then, we finally said our temporary goodbyes. We spent our last moments full of joy and laughter, like never been before. Some were excited for their vacations, some really cried and laughed and then, cried again! Oh! What a feeling! Some were also afraid that reshuffling might occur (including me). Nobody knows. Maybe we'll never stay on the same room again. Maybe next sem, we'll never have the chance to stay on our beloved groups as well. Really, that really hurts! Guess, it's part of the training. We should learn to accept normal events that are possible to happen. It's just sad and a little thrilling. All I can say is a big "thank you" to all my friends and mates. I should never say bye. 

As of now, I am planning to apply for a job. I'm 18 and I guess, it's time to spend the next few months in a fruitful way and make some money. So, that's it for now. By the way, before we set off, just wanna shout out loud: "'Em a certified JUNIOR student! Yeah!"



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